One of my dreams is no go on a simple summer rail trip. You are making a great deal by that: you don't need to have a license, you get to see a lot of places and, most importantly, you get to have a lot of fun. Spending a summer vacation with friends is absolutely amazing. Traveling around... probably starting with Amsterdam, going south to Brussels and then Paris.. Going to the seaside Barcelona, experiencing windsurfing with friends, having parties and meeting new friends, getting into adventures nd experiencing all the adventures this world has to give. Traveling to small tows, going to small villages and going wherever our wild voices can bring us. Going to east to Prague and then to Italy, eating pizza italiano and drinking dolce vino. Going to Rome, crushing the Colosseum. Then we'll take a ride to Balkan's, starting in Croatia, going through Montenegro, to Serbia and independent republic of Kosovo, Macedonia (which should be the part of Bulgaria) and to beautiful, delightful, wonderful Greece. O, Ellada, Ellada.. One of the most ancient civilizations, o Ellada, you're still a wonderful Oasis in this world. A medieval paradise. A beautiful country with delicious food and wonderful weather. O, Ellada, you were admired by greatest minds, ancient wisemen devoted their masterpieces to you, o Ellada, you've seen greatest stories and most wonderful myths. Gods protected you, and only you know what's true and what's not. Leaving you would be hard, but our Eurotrip is not done yet. We are going to Bulgaria. The country, which knows my spirit. There is no other country with that music, no more optimistic one. Bulgaria is unique, Bulgarian food is the best. But there comes Moldova, a small country with great vine. We spend a couples of days there, doing nothing and loving the fact that everything you need is within 3 min walk. Then we'll go to Odessa, a special town with special people. Derebasovskaia, Gorsad, the best atmosphere ever. Одесситы (:) are better than Jewish, the most colorful city. And of course, Kiev, the oldest Slav city, powerful and beautiful, the city brings all Slavs together, and you feel like a a whole people, not separated by stupid governments. You feel like a part of something great, and understand that you are not alone. We will to to Russia too, we'll be Moscow and Nizniy Novgorod and St Petersburg, we'll see one of the most beautiful cities with fountains and embankment's, with bridges and museums. The fresh breath of Old Europe. We don't know yet where will we stop you trip. But I know for sure that is the greatest thing to do.

I <3 Summer Rail Trips already.
I hope we can do it.

P.S. I think I can say now I <3 Summer.
P.P.S. Autumn's still the best.

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