Thai New Year - Songkran Festival

Literally "Songkran" means movement from one place to another or the earth's rotation around the sun. Full circle, is the little round the world marks the advent of the year.

Antique Thai lunar calendar consists of twelve months, but unlike the Chinese, did not start in late January - early February, and in April. As in China, the calendar had twelve-year cycles, each year, which is devoted to a particular animal, giving by these or other features. During the reign of Rama V (1868-1910), the great reformer of Thai (a kind of Peter I of Thailand), a compromise was reached in the calendar. Realizing that cooperation with the West need to unify the system of chronology, it is to align the months and dates from the Julian calendar, leaving the traditional names of the months. The official change of the year moved on 1 January, but he continued to ischilyat Buddhist Era, which is 543 years older than Christianity. So now comes in 2541 with the death of Buddha. Thus the wise king has established a bridge between Thailand and the Western world, and the most preserved historical traditions. Even in spite of the fact that the number of the year gives way to night, from December 31 to January 1, Songkran April 13 remains the official New Year's holiday on this day. In the recent past, the government even added two extra days off for holidays, so people can go to remote provinces to visit their relatives, and meet the Songkran whole family.

Many tourists are familiar with Songkranom only pouring water and obsypaniyu scented talcum powder, but this is only the surface layer, has turned into a game. Historically, the Songkran - a celebration of expressing love and respect, beautiful and soft.

Thais regard the family as very vazhnu part of life and treat her with great respect. Considered duty to gather all the celebration of Songkran.

Early in the morning the family goes to church, where presents pre-cooked gourmet meals to monks as a sign of respect to the role of teachers in the Buddhist philosophy.

Then the house is the washing of Buddha ceremony. Family of the Buddha statue is watered with pure water with rose petals and jasmine every family member.

The third part of the celebration - a tribute to older family members. On their hands and pours the life-giving water. Then, all enjoying a festive dinner and chatter.

In conclusion - a common prayer for their deceased ancestors and mentors. Water poured out everywhere, as the essence of all living things, must bring grace. In recent years, were added powdered or perfumed talc. Young people entertained themselves and others that stands near the road or riding on pickup trucks with barrels of water and pours all counterclaims. This game is not ashamed to screech and dodge. But if you went to taets and politely poured your back and shoulders, then he wished you good luck. Thank him and smile, because in such a hot day the water and in fact - grace.

Tip: The official Songkran festival runs April 12-14, but in some cities it may be removed. So he is in Pattaya on April 19. If you do not tolerate water, refrain from walking all day long. If you decide to join to the general merriment, the dress on the basis that you will be wet to the skin throughout the day (wet denim fabric can rub the skin in the most unexpected places), do not carry documents, money, wallet, mobile telephone and other wrap in plastic wrap.

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