Dear Sun,
Today was my first day of being without you. It was tough but I was trying my best to get used to that way of life.
I went to the cinema today, the film was actually not as funny as I expected, and I missed the moments when I could fullfil them with something a lot more exiting. 
Today I found the remidings of you everywere. I was in the 199 bus, when the lady took the joint an started smoking it right in the bus. The funny thing was that she was negotiating the ticket price at first and then finally got for free. I remember you said once that this county never stops you wondering. 
It was tough to return alone to the Hither Green, the road was covered by memories, which caused a sweet pain in my heart. I rembered your laugh, your smile and your face, London was laughing at me, making our kisses echoe in my soul. I remembered our last Friday together, we agreed that we wil help the junkies in trouble. As I returned to 245 house, the door was closed and I coudn't get in, I sat on the same place we've sat yesterday. I've been sitting alone, watching the fox, then my neughbour came out to feed it. He lightened up a cigarette and started talking to the fox. I think he is a good man, with difficult story behind his back. 
I understood that the summer has begun, as I felt like melting down like an icecream the whole day and my pen has finished when I started to write you this letter. I think it is a bit ironical cause that was the first moment I used it after the end of exam.
I implemented a tabu today: I cannot listen to music which reminds me of you, thus counting pretty much everything I am currently listening to.
And now I am sitting alone in my room and I cannot help but wonder did you think of me today? 
I love and miss you. Please take care of my heart.

P.S. Tigrenok and Korova are my only consolation. And they miss you too.    


  • Sade ft. ATB - And I Miss You

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  • Paramore “Looking up”

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